Efficient Care Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned Malaysian Company which designs, manufactures and distributes technologically advanced fire detection and emergency warning products under the brand name of KAWAPI™ for the protection of life and property in office, multi-residential and industrial complexes.

KAWAPI™ brand are INTELLIGENTLY designed for friendly use, economic to install with simplified designed, and competitively priced through the use of common component gather with management relentless commitment to provide cost-effective reliable product solutions for any budget and specification.

Efficient Care’s believes its success comes from experience, dedication to the industry, understand the industry and most important customer support which otherwise everything are effortless. Therefore we always believe success comes from:-
      PRODUCT INNOVATION. In a rapidly changing industry, product innovation and flexibility create profitable business opportunities. Efficient Care’s management travels extensively to overseas to study and access new technology from time to time.
      PRODUCT QUALITY. KAWAPI™ range of products are designed to meet International Fire & Safety Standards Regulators such as UL and EN. Efficient Care’s management and designed team has been together for many years and the shareholders of the Company’s also consist of the supporting industries which ensure the Company are fully backup and competitive from the mould fabrication stage till finished products.

      PRODUCT COMPETITIVE. We do not profess to be most competitive in the market, but with care consideration in meeting the stringent requirement of International Fire & Safety Standards Regulators. Every effort in products pricing are carefully evaluate with YOU (OUR CUSTOMER) in mind.

Efficient Care’s is a manufacturer and distributor, who relies on YOU to supply and install our products. We will do everything to help you win. We invite you to join us at the forefront of the industry with Quality, Innovative and Competitive products for the protection of life and property for the Globe.

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